Local Selling Tips

Four Creative Tactics to Sell Your Home

Sellers are resorting to creative tactics to stage, enhance curb appeal, and sell their homes. These tips may surprise you


1. Upgrade

When you have a glut of inventory, your house really has to shine above the competition. Buyers in today's market know they can be very particular. As a seller you have to make a stellar first impression.

Replace dated carpeting, strip wallpaper, install granite countertops and upgrade to stainless steel appliances.

If a buyer walks through the front door and is dissatisfied in any way, he or she is off to the next house.

2. Stage That Home

Sellers need to understand that the way we live in our home is not the way we sell our home.

When trying to sell a house emulate a model home. With a model home everything from the landscaping to the interior is picture perfect and designed to attract the widest pool of buyers.

The first step in any home-staging is a thorough de-cluttering. Sellers should purge the house of all personal belongings, family photos and countertop appliances. Furniture should be rearranged so as to make the room appear larger.

If the family has already moved and taken the furniture with them - call in a stager to furnish the home. People have trouble connecting with an empty house.

3. Curb Appeal

People make assumptions about the interior of a house based on the exterior.

Try these easy strategies for enhanced curb appeal:

  • Power wash the house
  • Lay a fresh cover of mulch in the flower beds
  • Paint the front door
  • Replace the address numbers

4. Ancient Chinese Secret

Feng shui is something that sellers are beginning to appreciate more and more as a technique to sell their home. Especially within the Asian community.

If a house isn't selling, some believe the fault lies in a shortage of Qi (chee), or energy flow. Bringing in a feng shui expert to evaluate the home and make modifications to the placement and arrangement of items within is said to improve the odds of a speedy sale.